Choosing a Healthy Goldfish

If a newbie aquarium enthusiast is going to a local fish store to buy a goldfish, it is necessary to be sure that pet does not have any health issues or severe physical deformities. Taking home an ill or rather genetically malformed goldfish right from the beginning can bring risks for an inexperienced owner and eventually bring devastation to the fish. It is also a good idea to determine where to buy your goldfish too. Here we instruct on how to select a new and healthy goldfish.

Goldfish are a pleasant fish found in cool streams, lakes, and ponds all over Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. Goldfish can be simple to care for, but, they do will need some care.


Your goldfish’s temperature should certainly not go up above 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 Celsius), and preferably should stay in between 65 and 68 F (around 19 C) so the best way to monitor their temperatures would need a thermometer. Keeping a goldfish above 72 F (about 23 C) for prolonged periods of time will result in Oxygen loss, leading to nerve damage, heart damage, and can severely hinder their immune system, making them more at risk to countless of diseases.

Water quality is one of the most critical part in keeping goldfish or fish in general. A goldfish can overcome the effect of other less ideal situations in its environment if the temperature of the water and the factors are pleasant. Except if a goldfish is provided with satisfactory aquatic conditions, it will sicken from the toxins in the water and may cease to live.

While some fish stores provide free water testing for their clients, it is always a good idea to buy a kit to have around for any emergencies. Every fish keeper should have a water testing kit available always with the rest of the necessary supplies if perhaps strange circumstances arise.

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